Study design

Who can participate?

Endurance-sport competitors:

  • Competing in triathlon, cycling, rowing, canoeing, distance running (1500 meters or longer), swimming
  • Aged 16–23
  • Likely to continue endurance sport at a competitive level for at least the next 5 years.

Non-athletes or competitors in a skill-based sport:

  • Non-athletes or competing in skill based activities with no required aerobic training (e.g. chess, riflery, archery, billiards, bowling)
  • Aged 16–23
  • Performing less than 2 hours of endurance sport per week.

You can not participate if:

  • You are smoker
  • You are on medications that may affect your heart or blood vessel function
  • You are known with a heart condition for which sports practice would not be recommended
  • You are unable to undergo Cardiac MRI (e.g. you have an implanted metallic device such as a pacemaker).

What is involved?

This study involves baseline testing and a repeat test in 2 years.

The tests we will be conducting are:

  • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance imaging (CMR)
  • Heart ultrasound
  • VO2max
  • DEXA scan
  • 24h Holter monitor
  • Blood samples, measurements of height and weight

If you are interested to participate and undergo assessement as a team feel free to contact us.